Sunday, September 25

Vinton slammed hard

Vinton Mayor David Riggins said Sunday residents should not come back to town until they get the all-clear from officials here.

He said residents should realize when they do return "it's not the same Vinton that they left here."

Riggins said that many of town's large oak trees have fallen due to the high winds of Hurricane Katrina.

"Every structure in town was touched in some way, shape, form or fashion," he said.

Riggins said the town has no electricity or water at this time.

The town operates its own electric co-op. It's seeking help from other co-ops around the state to help it get its power restored.

Riggins estimate that 92 percent of the town evacuated.

"I've asked people not to come back here. We are very primitive over here. You can't live in a primitive environment," he said,

Riggins said the town hopes to get their water plant going but he urges residents still in town to boil their water.

"We don't have houses down on the ground as a result of the storm. We got trees on houses. We got trees in yards. We've got awnings gone, things like that," he said.

Riggins said the town had two house fires at the time the hurricane struck Vinton but firefighters were only able to get to one of them.

The mayor said he wanted to "assure the residents of Vinton that we are working very hard."

"Please be patient with us. Let us get the town restored with basic services," he said.

There have been no reports of any storm-related facilities, according to Riggins.

Hector San Miguel
City Editor

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