Sunday, September 25

Honore in LC; soldiers clearing road debris

Lt. Gen. Russel Honore is in Lake Charles.

"He's the federal side" of the recovery efforts in Lake Charles and Calcasieu Parish, said Paul Rainwater, Lake Charles city administrator.

The military is bringing in an engineering battalion to handle the infrastructure issues such as water service, sewer and power.

Soldiers in uniform are on city streets using heavy equipment to clear limbs and debris. Along Enterprise Boulevard, for example, a crew was working a stretch between 8th and 12th streets.

An infantry unit will help to cordon off the parish, Rainwater said.

A military police battalion will help with patrols.

Also, FEMA officials are in place, Rainwater said, to help with electricity, water and sewer issues.

FEMA is bringing in food and water to residents who have stayed in Lake Charles.

Local officials are asking for additional National Guard units for the parish.

There will be a press briefing at 4 p.m. today for more information on the efforts. The American Press will be staffing it and reporting it here.

Dennis Spears
Night Editor

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