Sunday, September 25

Mayor asks for patience to restore systems

James Simpson, who lives on Eighth Street, was standing outside the 911 building and holding a sign that read: "Mayor Roach, let our people come home."

"Even if we have no food, no water and no cash, we would rather be home," he told the American Press. "People live here every day in worse conditions."

Roach listened to Simpson's concerns and said afterward, "We have lost our infrastructure. The city has no ability to support people."

Roach told the American Press that "right now, we are in a domino effect -- no power, no water -- and that has profound implications for the city to operate. With no water pressure we have no fire protection."

The mayor asks people who have left Lake Charles to "give us a few days to restore the system" before coming back to the city.

City Administrator Paul Rainwater said, "We cannot ensure the safety and health needs for those who come back."

Water and sewer are "down because there's no electricity," he said. The city is getting generators to run the system.

"We're going to run parts of the system" and restore it in sections, Rainwater said.

There are parts of the city reporting water pressure -- Simpson, the protestor is one of them -- and while Rainwater acknowledged that, he added that it is non-potable water.

"You can't drink it," he said.

A city police officer answering telephones said, "If you can find a place where you can flush a toilet, tell them to be excited and stay there."

Dennis Spears
Night Editor


Anonymous said...

Is there a time line for return to L. C. Just heard generalities.

Anonymous said...

Seems the best info is coming from Read the posts there. Citizens are giving "street by street" info.

Somebody PLEASE help get streaming video back online.

ALSO, it would be great if or could create simpler front pages on their websites so that we don't have to search through so many layers to find info....spotty phone lines and cable service is limiting internet usage....

Not complaining just suggesting...we are VERY appreciative of the folks in LC that are still there nad helping out.


Pam McGough said...

I think everyone needs to say a big THANK YOU to all of the area Mayors, Police Dept., Sheriff's Dept., and Marshall's office. From everything I've read, heard and seen on national TV, you've done an excellent job for all of us. I am very proud to say that I'm from Southwest Louisiana!

It's been wonderful to read all of the e-mails through the KPLC-site...Thanks Chad!

Again, thank you to our city and parish administrations and stay safe!