Sunday, October 2

Milo Nickel's hurricane blog

Lake Charles Attorney Milo Nickel has set up his own Hurricane Rita blog complete with commentary and lots of photos. He lives in the Geddings Estate south of town so he has seen a lot of storm damage.
Under one of his post entitled, "Rumors and Reality," Nickel writes, "There is a strong sense of community here. People continue to volunteer and to take care of each other. People are sharing meals, food, and water, although with the stores opening and FEMA continuing to canvass the area, these things are pretty plentiful. Life for many here is approaching normal. The warning is this; they say that what we have is likely enough for the number of people who live here. A mass return of evacuees would overload the existing system and we could be back in the dark ages."
Nickel's blog even has photos of the storm damage in Cameron Parish and of Lt. Gen. Russel Honore touring the storm damage. Viewers can ask post comments or ask questions. The blog can be seen at

Hector San Miguel
American Press
City Editor

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