Sunday, October 2

Houston Chronicle features Page 1 story on Cameron

The Houston Chronicle has a page 1 story in its Sunday, Oct.2 edition about the impact of Hurricane Rita on Cameron Parish. The headline reads: "After storm surge, Cameron is no more." The reporter, Tony Freemantle, interviewed Cameron resident, Hilary Trahan, in the story. The story jumps from page 1 to A-27. The story continues there over the entire page along with photos of the devastation in Cameron.
"Hurricane Audrey nearly did them in, back in 1957, when it killed 600 people and destroyed half of the town. But even then, the Trahan clan came back and started over," Freemantle writes in his Sunday story.
"This time, that might not be possible. This time, after taking a direct hit from Hurricane Rita, there is not much left of Cameron. This time, like the toppled, 100-year-old live oaks, deep roots may not be enough."

Hector San Miguel
American Press
City Editor

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