Thursday, September 22

Storm surge could reach Calcasieu

An expected Hurricane Rita scenario for Southwest Louisiana described by an emergency preparedness director brought a hush to the crowd during a briefing today.
Glen Mears Sr., state chairman of statewide sheletering efforts, said Rita could bring 10-15 inches of rain, a storm surge that reaches into parts of Calcasieu Parish and tornadoes.
“Rita looks like it will make landfall between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. Saturday with what we believe will be 145 mph winds,” Mears said. “This is a bad storm, the third strongest storm on record -- and we will be on the right side, meaning it is going to be the worst.”
“All we can hope for is for Rita to do like (Hurricane) Lili and die down as it makes landfall,” Mears said. “We will have to make adjustments as the day progresses.”
Shawn Martin and Elona Weston
Beauregard News Bureau

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