Sunday, September 25

News from northern parts of Texas and Louisiana

MARSHALL, Texas -- Hurricane Rita evacuees from Southwest Louisiana were broken hearted Sunday after reports that parish and municipal officials recommend that nobody head back south for a period of 7-10 days.

At motels and hotels where Calcasieu Parish residents are staying, the feeling is that southwest Louisiana officials are being overly cautious.

Some people are running out of money and need assistance. Information has floated around that FEMA will help but information on how to contact the agency is scarce.

I've been able to share information with some Lake Charles evacuees on how they can contact FEMA on the phone and online.

Eric Cormier
American Press
Staff writer


travisfamily said...

So this means we can not return to LC at least till next Monday or later correct?

dcc3294 said...

The only problem is that we CANNOT get any assistance from FEMA because they do not know the extent of our damages because we cannot get into Lake Charles to view the damages. We have no money. If they are refusing to let property owners back into Lake Charles at our own risk why is there no shelters close to home. From my under standing it is the police who are not letting homeowners in to take care of there business. We have seen video footage that the water is no longer surrounding the civic center. I understand that people do not have water and power but we do not have anywhere to rest our head. Also, not all property in Lake Charles is damaged. A friend who stayed in Lake Charles has reported to me that my property is UNTOUCHED.

Lake Charles economy depends on our chemical plants, some of these plants are calling employees back to work. Where are we going to stay if we have to go to work?

It is no way possible for city workers and officials to completly restore Lake Charles alone. With out property owners this is not going to be a easy task.