Sunday, September 25

Beauregard Parish notes

The city of DeRidder has established a dusk to dawn curfew.

Ken Harlow of the DeRidder Fire Department says residents of Beauregard Parish should not burn limbs or trash. City officials and volunteer fire departments throughout Beauregard Parish have a fuel and water shortage which has compromised their ability to respond to fires.

The distribution depot at the old K-Mart in Deridder is out of supplies for evacuees.

James Eaves, President of Beauregard Parish School Board, says that parish schools sustained moderate damage.

"We came out of this pretty good", says Eaves. "Most of the schools suffered roof damage. The most significant damage was at Merryville High School, where the press box and scoreboard were both destroyed."

According to Eaves, the only school they have not been able to communicate with is Hyatt High School.


Anonymous said...

Will they be getting more supplies?

brady said...

sure they will, but apparrently all these people care about are the Katrina evacuees. ive donated food, clothing and money to help them and when Rita hits us, you cant find ice, water or food anywhere. ive given the shirt off my back to help Katrina victims, but it seems that nobody can do the same for the victims of Rita...