Wednesday, September 28

NC electric crews in SWLA

DERIDDER - More than 100 line technicians from eight North Carolina co-op systems are working to restore power to parts of Southwest Louisiana.

The state's electric cooperatives sent line crews to Louisiana this week to assist with power outages caused by Hurricane Rita.

The North Carolina co-op crews were sent to assist two Louisiana electric cooperatives, which include Beauregard Electric Cooperative in DeRidder and Washington St. Tammany Electric Cooperative in Franklinton.

Additional line crews will be sent later this week from North Carolina's electric cooperatives.

The deployment of help is part of a mutual aid agreement shared between the nation's nearly 1,000 electric cooperatives to help one another in times of emergency, such as natural disasters.

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks to the out of state workers that are here to help. I got goosebumps seeing all those trucks and the other equipment at the Beauregard Parish Fair grounds this week. It was an amazing site! And we really appreciate the cooperation of those other organizations.

Even though I don't have power at my house yet, I know I will soon.