Thursday, September 29

Crews energizing lines, substations near Lake Charles

Power crews are making progress in the effort to restore power to Lake Charles, Entergy said. More lines and substations in the outlying area being re-energized.

This approach will allow power to be imported into the Lake Charles area from other areas while work continues on restoring Entergy’s damaged Nelson Plant in Westlake, the company said.

The company said the following milestones were reached Wednesday and Thursday:

• A 230-kilovolt line connecting the Nelson Plant with Cleco’s Cooper Plant (north of Calcasieu Parish) was energized.

• Crews energized a 230-kilovolt line running from the Nelson Plant to the Solac substation. The Solac substation is located on the southwest corner of a 69-kilovolt loop that encircles Lake Charles.

• A 69-kilovolt line from the Klondike substation (located in northeast Cameron Parish) to Entergy’s Meaux substation in Vermillion Parish, south of Lafayette, was energized. This has brought many more customers online.

Work is continuing on a 500-kilovolt transmission line from Richard (a 500-kilovolt switching station north of Crowley) to the Nelson Plant that is crucial and will help with loading issues.

Progress is also being made in restoring the 69-kilovolt loop that encircles Lake Charles.

Crews are also currently focusing on repairing the Ann and Contraband substations, which serve emergency, police, medical, waterworks and governmental facilities in Lake Charles.

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