Thursday, September 29

Calcasieu reentry plan: "look and leave"

Calcasieu Parish officials and the mayors of the six municipalities in the parish announced a phased reentry plan Thursday for parish residents evacuated for Hurricane Rita, the worst disaster in parish history.

The plan is split into two phases: Calcasieu Visit and Calcasieu Comeback.

Calcasieu Visit is a “Look and Leave” period that will permit residents to re-enter the parish, assess the damage to their homes, gather important belongings and then return to safer and more secure locations outside the hurricane-damaged area. This phase will begin Friday, Sept. 30 during daylight hours.

Citizens returning to the parish must be prepared to be self-sufficient, with their own food and water, parish officials said. They also must stay off the streets at night and must have access to cash, as credit card usage will be difficult.

Elderly residents, children and other special needs citizens are strongly urged not to return during the first phase, officials said.

Residents will be asked to return to their temporary lodging locations at their own discretion to permanently re-enter in Calcasieu Comeback at a date yet to be determined.

Returning residents are urged to call a re-entry information line at 337-721-3840, which will list informational checkpoints at the following Interstate-10 exits: I-10 in Iowa, I-10 at Highway 171 in Lake Charles, I-210 at Enterprise Boulevard in Lake Charles, I-10 in Westlake, I-10 at La. 108 in Sulphur, I-10 at Beglis Parkway in Sulphur, I-10 at Ruth street in Sulphur and I-10 at Exit No. 7 in Vinton.


Anonymous said...

Where is the plan? I went to and it's not there.

Anonymous said...

where is the second part of this story?! Where is the second phase and the plan isn't located on the site BAD JOURNALISM

Anonymous said...

As the post clearly says, the second part of the plan hasn't beet announced yet.

The first part of the plan is in the post. It's basically go home, look, and leave. If you don't leave, you're on your own. Pretty simple.

Anonymous said...

Some people are saying that power is going to be restored to some parts of Moss Bluff in the next day or two. This information is making my family believe it is okay for them to return home. Does anyone know if there is any truth in that information - or are they just jumping the gun?

Anonymous said...

I agree about the lack of details. When the "look and leave" starts on Friday does that mean people can also go on Saturday and Sunday and Monday, etc.