Saturday, September 24

Beauregard Parish power outages "spotty"

Beauregard Electric spokesman Kay Fox said that phone calls about power outages began coming into the company's office between 5:30-6 p.m. She said the outages rolled from east to west across the parish. She advised customers to "sit tight and not go out."

"Our crews are here riding out the storm at our offices and it will be tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon before we can begin assessing damage," she said.

Beauregard Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness Director Glen Mears Sr. reported at 9 p.m. that the Sheriff's Office had only one report of a tree down and power outage reports were "spotty." He said that a shelter at South Beauregard High School had lost power earlier in the day, but a generator was providing power and that the shelter had food and water.

Bobby Dower
Managing Editor


alan said...

Will u lose power to continue the blog?

Anonymous said...

Please keep the information coming. Details about neighborhoods, flooding, and major structures are all very important to us.....

Anonymous said...

In Lake Charles what is the projected amount of rainfall? And what is the expected storm serge? Please keep us updated as long as possible

Reinventing Fran said...

Bobby, Do you know what emergency personnel remain in the city? My nephew is a first-year nurse and volunteered to remain with patients who could not be moved at St. Patricks. Are Coast Guard and National Guards planning airlifts like they did in New Orleans? What is the plan for those few who remain? (formerly Frances Johnson, 1980s American Press copy editor)

American Press said...

The blog is hosted out of state so it should stay up, excepting any scheduled maintenance the blog company might conduct.

Best regards,
Rob Beschizza