Sunday, September 25

Area mayors give update

Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach said Sunday morning that residents should stay away until the city makes an announcement that it's OK to return.

He said there still is no power, no water, no gas or any stores open to provide food.

Roach said he has been in constant contact with state and federal government officials who are planning to send assistance.

The city is trying to get refrigerated trucks to come but transportation is difficult because of downed trees.

He added that it's pretty certain that there will be no school in Calcasieu Parish anytime soon.

"We are going to come through this," Roach said.

Sulphur Mayor Ron LeLeux said residents can come back to Sulphur at noon Monday to check their property but the city still has no power. Water has to be boiled before using it because of problems with the water plant.

LeLeux said residents should be prepared for "a shocking experience" when they arrive in Sulphur because trees are down everywhere.

"It looks like a bomb went off," LeLeux said. "I could not believe how dark it is at night. It's quite scary."

Sulphur police have arrested two looters.

"We are all over the place. We have no patience for this," LeLeux said.

LeLeux put out a plea for ice.

"We are in desparate need of ice. We have no ice at all," he said.

Hector San Miguel
City Editor


Oak Park Resident said...

I haven't been able to track down any information about the Oak Park neighborhood, especially the part of 5th Avenue between Prien Lake Road and Oak Park Boulevard. Trying to determine how much flooding, tree damage, or roof damage occurred in that area..... Any news there?

Anonymous said...

what about Moss Bluff. said...

Please give any report on the area from the American Press down Hwy 90 near Scheufens Rd.

Anonymous said...

Any information on the University neighborhood (Arlington Drive)?
Thank you!

Reinventing Fran said...

Hi Hector, I'm downloading and collecting all pictures your people are posting. It was really help to have more captions at least give area of town in the slideshows. My sister is DON at a nursing facility near Hodges and 12th Street. The company is trying to move them ( 110 patients) back ASAP, so specifics on pictures, descriptions will be useful. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyone had any information about the homes on ernest street south of 2-10 right pass the red light about 4 houses down on the left. Whats the reports on the houses there? Any damage or flooding?

Jackie said...

Are the landlines to the 337-478 prefix OUT, or are the circuits just overwhelmed with callers?

Anonymous said...

Any word on Lakelyn Estates off Lake Street? -- especially Lakelyn Drive?

Anonymous said...

Sulphur's Leleaux says he can't find ice. Sheesh! I guess he's not watching tv. FEMA has 100 semis loaded with ice set up around Houston. CALL THEM, RON!!