Saturday, September 24

American Press damaged; all inside safe

A group of 20 employees, family and visiting media is safe at the American Press building at 4900 U.S. 90 East as the hurricane continues. The newspaper has had metal canopies ripped off by the ongoing winds, the electrical and phones are down, and there is hole in the roof in an area next to the newsroom. Via cell phone and offsite Web hosting, however, the local newsgathering is unaffected, led by Night Editor Dennis Spears. Staff members north and east of the city are gathering and posting the relays from Lake Charles.
Brett Downer


Reinventing Fran said...

Thank you, Brett. Wishing you all well and struggling to stay with you all through the night.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to you guys for hanging tough.

This is a HUGE storm. We have a feeder band running across the middle of INDIANA, look:

Best to you all, and hope a little roof damage is the worst you experience. Keep up the great blogging.


Anonymous said...

Brett, Dennis, Jamie, Hector, et al... Finally some word... the blog was silent for so long and I was so worried. Mom and I have been watching CNN & Fox news all night long from out here in Los Angeles... It looks bad there. Glad to hear all are safe. Thanks for the Blog Update.

Now I'll pray that the safety and property of all of my friends and family will be a positive outcome.

Hugs and miss you guys. Actually, I almost wish I was right in the thick of it with you... the adrenaline rush, I miss it.

Love to all,

"Len" in Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

Dennis, Lisa, and all.

I'm glad to hear you've made it through the worst of it. CNN has been reporting that LC is probably worse then where they are, but they haven't had any reports fom LC directly. Good luck in the coming days/weeks cleaing up.

Scott Hundley