Thursday, September 20

Watching the storm

SWLA officials keeping close eye on storm

The latest computer model runs (below) predict the system will make landfall as a weak tropical storm anywhere from western Florida to western Louisiana.

Local emergency officials have said they will meet today if the system develops. In the meantime, they are watching and waiting.

Clifton Hebert, director of the Cameron Parish Office Emergency Preparedness, said coastal residents should be sure everything is in place in case the system develops.

"They should make sure all of their personal effects are in order in the event further action is necessary," he said. "Keep an eye on the system, follow the news and review evacuation plans just in case."

"The latest information we have gotten said it was too soon to tell if it was going to develop into anything or not," said Dick Gremillion, Calcasieu Parish's director of emergency preparedness. "We could find out (today) that it is going to develop into a tropical storm, or we could find out that it has dissipated."

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