Friday, August 17

City Hall talks out various scenarios

At Lake Charles City Hall, department heads have wrapped up a series of meetings Friday to discuss the progress of Hurricane Dean.

City Administrator John Cardone said the city is keeping a close eye on Dean’s progress and may have Sunday meeting of department heads.

“We had a meeting today with staff. We don’t anticipate it bearing down on us and requiring a manadatory evacuation,” he said Friday. “Even if it’s not a mandatory evacuation, we have got to be prepared because we could have six to 20 inches of rain depending on where it goes.”

Cardone said the city wants to be ready “to answer the needs of the community” in any kind of storm scenario.

“Other people could be evacuating toward our area. We talked about several things such as putting together our phone banks to answer questions for people and the contra-flow routes for those heading east,” he said.


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