Wednesday, August 2

Weather Service watching new tropical storm

Roger Erickson, warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service, has just issued the following:

>The National Weather Service is continuing to monitor the progress of Tropical Storm Chris. Chris is expected to become a hurricane either today or tomorrow.

>If Chris remains over open water between the Bahamas and Cuba, it could maintain its strength, but if it turns far enough to the left, and hits Cuba, Chris could weaken later this week or weekend.

>Right now, we believe Chris will be entering the southern Gulf of Mexico either late Sunday or Monday.

>By Wednesday, it is forecast to be in the central Gulf of Mexico. If high pressure remains strong over the northern Gulf, it will help steer Chris westward across the Gulf, but if the high weakens next week, Chris could turn more towards the northern Gulf.

>It's still too early to say what impact we will have locally, but we all need to keep an eye on this system.

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