Saturday, August 26

Projections have Ernesto heading for La.

We're watching the developments of Tropical Storm Ernesto around the clock.

Though projected paths are very tentative, as of this posting:

--The National Hurricane Center's projected path has Ernesto nearing the southeast Louisiana coast on Friday. Southwest Louisiana is within in the projected path's cone.

-- AccuWeather, whose forecasts appear daily in the American Press, projects a path in which Ernesto would strengthen in the open gulf into a Category 3 hurricane, lessen to a Category 2 and then strike the Cameron/Vermilion coastline Friday afternoon.

Projected paths are not definitive. Storms can and do change strength and direction for a variety of reasons.

Watching developments is the key. To help you, check back here often -- and visit the main newspaper Web site,, where you can access a hurricane tracking chart or download our entire 2006 Hurricane Season Guide, which has emergency information and preparedness tips.


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