Wednesday, October 5

Firestone Polymers Company Needs Help Locating Teammates

In the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, Firestone Polymers Company (FSPC), a subsidiary of BFS Diversified Products, LLC., is in the process of determining the status of its teammates employed at the company’s two plants in Orange, Texas and Lake Charles, La.

FSPC representatives are now attempting to contact individuals who have moved to various parts of the region. FSPC is asking that any teammates employed at The Firestone Polymers plant in Lake Charles please call 1-800-847-3411.

Any teammates employed at the Firestone Polymers plant in Orange, Texas, please call 1-866-222-9336.

Teammates need to call these numbers to get important information on how to seek assistance and support as they recover from the storm as well as information on the status or resuming operations at the plants.


John Wirtz said...

I wish to gain employment with Firestone Polymers Company. I have a BS in Biology, and I also have associates in Spanish, and Sociology. I have fifteen years in lab experience, with five plus years in managment. I have relocated to the Lake Charles area due to huricane Katrina and have been employed with CII carbon for the past two years, but wish to gain competitive pay for this area.

John Wirtz said...

Please email me at for a resume'or put me in contact with the HR department for possible job placement that will suit the needs of the company.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Nice blog. However, there is nothing good to say about Firestone. They kept me waiting three hours to see why the red brake light would not go off the dash. They repaired in half an hour, and let me drive out in traffic with the same problem we paid them to fix. Firestone has collected more than $1,500 from me in the past 6 months for repair and they show no concern for cost, time or defective service. Do not go there. Check out other complaints about the company on this great site