Friday, September 23

Winds affecting DeRidder

At 5:30 p.m., winds in DeRidder picked up to an estimated 40 miles an hour. Signs were knocked over, sales banners were ripped apart and street signs were vibrating.

South Beauregard Fire District 2 reported that power had been lost in the southern part of the parish south of the Ragley overpass.

Rain was coming down in sheets. Power lines were whipping and it was only a matter of time before they were downed by the wind.

Streets were devoid of any cars. The only life visible at church shelters was smokers who had stepped outside to light up their cigarettes.

Lights were flickering in downtown DeRidder.

Hundreds of houses and businesses had their windows taped. A large oak tree on Warren Street was down. Firefighters put yellow tape around the tree and the south end of the street was blocked.

Some shelters in the parish held as many as 500. In the midst of all the wind and rain, two dogs froliicked in a yard on Fruge St.

The American Red Cross had two disaster relief vehicles staged at the DeRidder Junior High School gym which is serving as a shelter.

Shawn Martin
American Press


Anonymous said...

please keep posting. We are waiting to here whats going on down there.

Alex said...

Yes, please keep posting.