Monday, September 26

They come from all over the nation

JENNINGS -- They stand in 92-degree afternoon heat, happy to accept a bag of ice from a stranger as they begin the last leg of a power-restoration tour that has unexpectedly taken them clear across the state.

They're among the many who have come from all over to help.

Working on power lines in Jennings off La. 26 is a four-person union crew from L.E. Myers of Indianapolis. They are journeymen linemen Arnold Owens and Jackie Wood, ground person Cynthia Spear and apprentice lineman Bear Cassler.

They are from California, West Virginia, Cincinnati and Sabine, Ohio. They work 16-hour shifts. And they didn't expect that they'd still be here.

The crew members came down after Hurricane Katrina. They worked in Magnolia, Kenner and, for a week and a half, a wrapup assigment in New Orleans.

Then Hurricane Rita hit. They just added another assignment: Jennings. And they just rested that bag of ice on the shady side of the truck.

Brett Downer

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