Friday, September 23

Sioux City has more relief supplies

An eighteen-wheeler truck filled with supplies for Hurricane Katrina evacuees in Lake Charles was on standby in Sioux City, Iowa as Hurricane Rita approached landfall Saturday.

It was scheduled to leave for Lake Charles on Monday but Sioux City officials were told to hold off for now.

This is the third truckload of relief supplies that Sioux City - Lake Charles' sister city - has sent. The Iowa city has started a relief effort to help Lake Charles in its efforts to shelter thousands of the evacuees at the Civic Center and Burton Coliseum.

These evacuees were evacuated Wednesday by the Red Cross to Shreveport and Alexandria because of Hurricane Rita. Calcasieu Parish school buses were used to transport them.

It's not known when the city will be able to accept the third truckload of relief supplies.

Hector San Miguel
City Editor

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