Monday, September 26

Reader Questions

Some questions submitted by readers...

I am trying to find out how the hurricane has affected Sowela. Does anyone know when classes are expected to resume?

Please help us determine what the situation is at these locations:
Assured storage Units at ILES and Country Club. ALL of our belongings are in this storage unit.

We have not heard any information on the residents in the 700 block of West Hale, flooding, damage etc.

Anyone have info on the Longville Lake Park?

Do you have any reports from Hebert’s on Big Lake?

If anyone has any information about damage (especially trees on houses) on Swanee Street in the Henry Heights area of Lake Charles, I would be very grateful if they could relay it to the American Press email site.

Has any information been given about Big Pasture Rd. in Grand Lake?

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Anonymous said...

HELP!!!!!!! needs some information on 1766 south perkins ferry rd.