Thursday, September 22

A prayer for help as they try to evacuate

Cristobal Soto and his wife Cristian of Sebastian, Texas, say a prayer Thursday for help to fix their truck on Interstate 210 Eastbound in Lake Charles. Soto thinks the start-and-stop traffic congestion may have caused problems with his rig. His children are traveling with him as well. The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office was notified and provided help to the stranded family.

Jamie Gates
Staff Photographer

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Dan Ellender said...

Dan Ellender, Executive Director of the Children's Museum in Lake Charles writes: The entire nation needs to pray for the Southwestern Gulf region, as early Friday Morning news reports are already stating that there is a foot of water in downtown Cameron on the gulf. Southwest Louisiana citizens provided a haven for evacuees from New Orleans and points east in recent weeks, and I have never been prouder to live in this area.

As I write this from my son's one-bedroom apartment in Baton Rouge, my thanks goes out to people like my brother-in-law, Brett, who stayed in Lake Charles to help prepare for the storm. Having seen first-hand the loss that the people of New Orleans went through and are still going through, let me say remind my fellow citizens that this could be Calcasieu Parish's defining hour as it deals with what may be the storm of the century. We at the Children's Museum are thankful for having had the opportunity to welcome and aid our visitors from points East.