Saturday, September 24

Photo posts coming

Staff Photographers Jamie Gates and Rick Hickman have been shooting news photos all day today. Once they and Night Editor Dennis Spears improvise on the best way to get those photos downloaded and transmitted via generator power, you'll see them here later today.
In the meantime,
offers a gallery of photographs made before and after Hurricane Rita.


Arizona Cajun said...

Thanks for the pics at

However, if pos, pls add location captions to damage so we'll know where it is.
Thanks for all the great work you guys are doing!

Dan Thibodeaux said...

More pics of Lake Charles from New York Times:

Water rose around a boathouse and dock in Lake Charles, La., as Hurricane Rita made landfall today.

In Lake Charles, La., dozens of boats broke their moorings and clustered up against a rail line running along the highway.

Flood waters surround the entrance to the Harrah's casino in Lake Charles, La.

Anonymous said...

Smaller links to Dan's NYTimes pix:


Ellen Sung said...

Washington Post audio report from Lake Charles

Anonymous said...

Please provide us with information regarding what refineries and/or plants are open?

JackieBob said...

Be careful...I believe the links through tinyurl listed at "anonymous said" are dangerous...when I tried to use them, I received notice from my anti-virus software that it had prevented an attack.

Dan Thibodeaux said...

The tinyurl links above seem to be O.K. and link to the pictures properly.

Dan Thibodeaux said...

More pictures from