Tuesday, September 27

McNeese sports looking for a home

McNeese State athletic director Sonny Watkins said Tuesday that he was looking for a temporary home for Cowboy and Cowgirl sports.

Watkins was on campus assessing damage. He said he had spoken to athletic directors from Northwestern State and Southeastern Lousiana about the possibility of McNeese teams relocating to those campuses and playing home games at those places until McNeese is ready, but nothing has been settled yet.

The logistical problems of staying on campus are many. The university may be weeks away from full utility service. There is damage to Cowboy Stadium, and FEMA was turning the A.I. Ratliff Practice Fields into a tent city for the recovery effort.

McNeese has already lost three games - all home games - to hurricanes this season. Prior to this season, there had never been a cancelled game in school history.

Gary Laney
American Press

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