Wednesday, September 28

Lyondell requests employees check in

Employees at any of Lyondell's affected facilities that have not yet contacted their supervisors should do so immediately, the company said. If a supervisor cannot be reached, or if telephone service is disrupted, Lyondell has established alternative methods for checking in:

  • If possible, call a control room at your facility.
  • Call (888) 457-6118 and provide your name, work location, present location (where you’re calling from), and a telephone number and/or e-mail address where you can be reached.
  • Use your mobile phone to send a text message to and provide your name, work location and a telephone number or location where you can be reached.

    Please remember to update your supervisor or call the toll-free number if your situation changes.

    Employees should notify their human resources representative or send an e-mail to to advise the company of any personal needs or to request assistance from the Lyondell Disaster Relief Fund. They may also complete the online form at

    For more information, please check the Lyondell Web site at There is a section for those affected by Hurricane Rita at

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