Monday, September 26

In Welsh: water and sewerage, but not power

An update on Welsh from Town Clerk Linda LeBlanc:

"Many trees have fallen on power lines and/or houses in the Town of Welsh and many streets are blocked with the fallen trees. Many homes have roof damage, and some homes lost attached metal carports.

"No fatalities or injuries have been reported from storm.

"We hope to have electricity restored within 7-14 days, but the feeder lines (power transmission lines) have been destroyed and must be repaired before we can have power locally. We do have running drinking water and sewerage services.

"Welsh policemen, firemen, and public works department have been working around the clock to restore our losses. The National Guard will arrive soon to assist. Market Basket parking lot is a distribution point for ice, water, and the military meal packs and the National Guard is overseeing the distribution."

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