Monday, September 26

Hurricane Rita aftermath quotes

“It’s God’s way to say it’s going to be OK,” - Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach talking about the sunset on Lake Charles the day after the storm hit.

“I could not believe how dark it is at night. It’s quite scary,” - Sulphur Mayor Ron LeLeux on the total power outage in Sulphur.

“It’s not the same Vinton that they left here,” - Vinton Mayor David Riggins on what Vinton residents will see when they return home.

“We throw them some MREs and some water and say, ‘good luck,' ” Lake Charles Police Chief Don Dixon on what would happen to looters who are put in the local jail.

“Those are chief concerns for us because we don’t someone to break into a gun store and have those assets to themselves to create some problems for us," - Lake Charles Police Sgt. Mark Krause talking about police guarding closed stores that sell weapons.

Hector San Miguel
City Editor

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