Saturday, September 24

Evacuees to Fox, CNN: Give Roach airtime

Readers who include a Lake Charles stockbroker, a Jennings schoolteacher and a Baton Rouge attorney with local property holdings are telling us they want CNN, Fox News Channel and other major TV news organizations to give Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach prominent time on the air.
Brett Downer

*UPDATE: The mayor was interviewed on CNN today.


kane said...

The national news channels have been utterly useless just as they were in getting information to New Orleans residents. It's as if Louisiana doesn't exist. They're so concerned with Houston, Galveston, New Orleans, even Lumberton, Tx, but could care less about SW La. Take a lesson from the local channels and start reporting news from the devastated areas!

Anonymous said...

Fox News is the same. The only channel that seem a little interested in Lake Charles is CNN. I have started watching them.

Anonymous said...

I agree! The national weather channels seemed to be interested in reporting on Houston, Galveston, and New Orleans. What about Lake Charles? They show the same old news about Lake Charles. What about the outskirts of Lake Charles as well? I have stopped watching the national news, unfortunately, where I had to evacuate, they are connected with the national weather channels. I want to thank American Press for setting this site up!! Keep the good work up.

Anonymous said...

We have been watching TV for days without any significant information forthcoming about Lake Charles and surrounding areas. I'm sick to death hearing about NO and their levies breaking. What about Lake Charles and Cameron Parish. Oh they say, "Lake Charles was the hardest hit" but then show nothing else or say nothing else. Pitiful coverage from CNN and everyone else. KPLC website has had more information that anywhere else. Thanks KPLC!