Sunday, September 25

DeRidder water safe to drink

DeRidder Mayor Gerald Johnson says there is no order to boil water for city residents. "There were a few minor issues earlier, but those have all been resolved," he said. "The generators at city water wells are functioning well, and the sewer plant is up and running. Everything's as good as it can be here considering the conditions."

DeRidder is increasing police presence in the city with assistance from agents with the Louisiana Attorney General's office and the Louisiana National Guard. Some guardsmen could be seen today standing watch over gas pumps at a convenience store.

The mayor has also issued a dusk to dawn curfew in the city. Most main thoroughfares and highways have been cleared, but the side streets are closed from downed trees and power lines. "The situation is still dangerous", said Johnson.

"There are no reports of any fatalaties or injuries to citizens of DeRidder related to the storm," Johnson said.

Emergency preparedness officials will conduct two briefings per day to update residents.

Shawn Martin
DeRidder Bureau

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