Monday, September 26

Depending on God

Dewey Young Jr. sat soaked with sweat in his wheelchair inside the sweltering gym at DeRidder Junior High School.
His wife, Alice, tenderly counted out his yellow and green pills as he watched TV, which was tuned to news of Hurricane Rita's aftermath.
"It's been so far, so good," said Young, who is 82. "I haven't been able to sleep, though."
Young is among 300 other Calcasieu Parish evacuees seeking shelter at the school. He is an Army veteran as well as a hurricane veteran. He remembers Audrey and the devestation it caused Southwest Louisiana decades ago.
"We lost our home. It was in the middle of Lake Charles, and it was gone," Young said.
Young hopes his family will have more luck this time around.
He has been praying a lot, he said, as he pointed to the white rosary draped around his neck.
"I know God. I depend on him every day," said Young.
Like Young, Donna Bellard Wilde of Grand Lake is depending on God to see her through these difficult days. She hasn't heard if her Cameron Parish home has survivied and she has assumed the worst.
"There is only one thing that matters - life," she said.
Wilde stayed in DeRidder along with her two daughters. They rode out the storm in a house on Virgina Street and heard Rita's howling winds as well as trees snapping.
They are sounds that will haunt her for the rest of her life, she said.
"I've learned that when they say a hurricane is coming you don't hesitate. You pack up and go," she said.
Elona Weston
American Press


H.L. Mencken said...

As old H.L. advised "lets leave it to god-he has always fooled us before"!

H.L. Mencken said...

What press word smith possesses the audacity to question the source for help? Help for these folks depends upon the illogical belief in a transcendental miracle that defies the laws of the science of physics!Who will tell them the truth? Their hope and faith are admirable but sadly misplaced! They are expecting an occurrences that is improbable and physically impossible! Why do not one of you big brain geniuses of the press take responsibility?

H.L. Mencken said...

Predicated upon my observations the American Homo sapiens in their modus vivendi utilize the same duality of mind and brain construct that was possessed by his tribal promingenators!He function with duel abilities of mind in that he is consciouses simultaneously of the metaphorical and metaphysical mind and according to the extent of education of an individual sometimes the metaphysical mind demonstrates the spiritual and the transcendental!What are you Mr Pressman?Are metaphorical logical or rather metephysicall delusional?