Tuesday, September 27

Coastal satellite images available

North of Cameron

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released high-resolution satellite photos of coastal Louisiana and Texas taken after Hurricane Rita's passage. The photos are from Sept. 25-26. Image sizes are between 2-3 megabytes and may take some time to download over a slow Internet connection.

Each pixel in the images resolves to about 1.2 feet - resolution high enough to clearly see vehicles, small houses, boats and landscape features.

Here are direct links to images from:

  • Cameron
  • Holly Beach
  • Grand Bayou
  • Creole (South of Creole)
  • Grand Chenier (South of Grand Chenier)
  • Johnson Bayou (West of Johnson Bayou)
  • Cow Island
  • Deep Lake
  • Peveto Island
  • Sabine Pass, Texas
  • Sabine, Texas, and southwest Cameron

    On Tuesday, the NOAA released further images of inland Cameron, west Calcasieu on the Texas border, south Calcasieu on the Cameron border, and southeast Texas, including:
  • Port Arthur, Texas; Groves, Texas (South of Port Arthur)
  • Orange, Texas; southwest Calcasieu
  • Moss Lake
  • Cameron farms, south Calcasieu
  • Black Lake area, south Calcasieu
  • Lake Misere
  • Boudreaux Lake
  • Sweet Lake

    Garrett Guillotte
    Staff writer

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