Saturday, September 24

Civic Center, downtown, airport damaged

According to eyewitness accounts from law enforcement officials, Cable News Network and Fox News Channel, sections of the Lake Charles Civic Center's exterior are being torn off by winds, part of the roof of Lake Charles Regional Airport has peeled away and windows have been blown off from downtown buildings, with glass flying in the wind -- with one building left with much of its interior exposed.
Brett Downer


Anonymous said...


Hope you and Bobby are ok. Its 3:20am. My wife and I are in Prairieville, just the other side of Baton Rouge. We had been watching streaming video until I lost the signal a little while ago.

Cable news channels finally have something to cover in LC. As you know they reported the Civic Center, Airport damage.

Hope you guys are safe.

WIll be using your site to inform us about conditions and power and approximate times that families may return (To what we don't know)
Thanks for your efforts.
John Martin
Displaced from Country Club Acres!

Sarah Yokubaitis said...

Are y'all ok? Is the roof at the American Press holding out? It isn't flooding there, right? I really hope you guys are safe. -Sarah

Jeff Helms said...

Riding it out in Houma, LA. Levees were breached in southern Terrebonne parish last night causing emergency evacuation. I spoke to Jackie via cell phone this morning and she mentioned the awning over the cafeteria patio peeled back and punctured the roof overhead. They are afraid the AC units may be gone as they heard "tumbling" noises across the roof during the night. I'm just wondring when they'll let us back in?

Eric Cormier said...

Safe in Marshall, Texas. Electricity is starting to go out here. Evacuees from Lake Charles are upset about the lack of local news on national networks. Lake Charles evacuees are starting to leave Shreveport to avoid power outages and bad weather.

Erin Kelly said...

Glad all of you are okay. I've been thinking about you. I wish I could see more about Lake Charles on the national news networks! Stay safe.