Monday, September 26

Calcasieu schools will remain closed

Calcasieu Parish public schools and administrative offices are closed until further notice in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, according to spokesman Charlene Chiasson.

All extracurricular activities and sporting events, including practices, are also canceled.

A modified school year is being designed, Chiasson said, so Calcasieu Parish students can get in a full year's work without having to enroll elsewhere.

The Oct. 4 school board meeting has been canceled.

The Web site is up and running, as are employee e-mail accounts. Information on the site will be updated at least daily, Chiasson said.

Karl Bruchhaus, chief financial officer for the school system, is working out plans for distribution of payroll to employees, whether through established direct depoit routes or delivery of checks to those who have not signed up for direct deposit. The plans will be announced on the Web site.

Chiasson asked that employees who can connect to the Internet pass along the information to colleagues who do not have access.

Cliff Seiber
Staff Writer

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