Sunday, September 25

Beauregard, Vernon Schools closed

Beauregard Superintendent of Schools Myrna Cooley has announced that Beauregard Parish schools will be closed at least until Wednesday, Sept. 27.

Schools in Vernon Parish will be closed for at least all of next week, according to the Vernon Parish Sheriff's Department.


Anonymous said...

Myrna Cooley, I hope you see this message. Several teachers from South Beauregard HS and Elementary live in Lake Charles. I'm one of them. I'm currently in Dallas and our mayor is saying not to go home until after October 3. One is in Memphis. I don't know where Andrea is. I know there are others beside them and myself. I bet I have at least one tree on my house. I just don't know when I can come back to work.

Anonymous said...

how can someone go to school when there is no power, please explain.