Thursday, September 22

90 & 190 to Baton Rouge: 5 hours plus

Not everyone looking to get out of Southwest Louisiana was heading north.

Evacuating from eastern Lake Charles at 11:25 a.m. today, a local woman arrived at her brother's home in Baton Rouge shortly after 5 p.m. -- and figured that a five-hour-plus drive was pretty good, considering.

She said U.S. 90 "was crawling all the way to Iowa," so she took La. 383 to Kinder, arriving at 1 p.m. As she crossed U.S. 165, she saw "bumper to bumper traffic at a standstill" on that highway. She cut over to U.S. 190 East, and it was "just about wide open," she said. East of Opelousas, she pulled over to top off her tank. "Pulled right up," she said. "No line."

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